12 Tips for a Good Trip With Friends

12 Tips for a Good Trip With Friends

A trip with friends is probably the most enjoyable experience ever, but unfortunately, planning can be very frustrating, and usually even more annoying than planning solo trips or trips with the family. So let’s see tips which will help you to decrease the stress and to increase the fun:

Google Sheets

As we are living in a modern world, why do not take everything from it? I’m a fan of Google Sheets – a real treasure for you, if you like to track and share useful information (e.g. restaurants, bars, fun things, overall budget, transportations, tickets, etc.) with your friends.

Buy in Advance

For example, flying tickets are cheaper if to buy them much earlier. Furthermore, when you have something booked, you will have to do it. Acknowledge all cancellation policies. Look for any beneficial deals or discounts.

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Establish Numerous Options

Have an overall list of places where you want to go with friends. Not always it will work out, but it’s important to have back-ups.

Ask someone to Share Their Experience with You

It’s always good to ask about someone’s feedback about their trip. They would mention the most interesting places and even may recommend you something unexpectedly new.

Compare the Prices

While looking for the cheapest ticket for a flight or a hotel for a night, always read reviews. You may use websites to see the difference between deals and come up with the finest decision.

Make Sure Everybody Can Go on the Trip

You shouldn't ask your friends to swear that they would go, but you need to rely on their answers. Make sure everybody is free that day.

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Begin to Save up Your Money

Journeys can easily become expensive. Start retrenching money now to make a comfortable trip later.

Record Important Information

This can also go to your Google Sheets. Take notes of every necessary information about for example happy hours, discounts or promo codes, etc.

Do not get Rid of Receipts and Important E-mails

Sometimes it is essential in case of splitting bills or agreeing on any plans. I usually star my significant e-mails and then making notes in my Google Sheets. You can do the same, or you can make a special folder for important letters in your e-mail.

Become or Pick a Head Planner

It’s not about being a boss of the whole trip, but somebody should be responsible for creating things like Google Sheets, collecting money, or getting everything done properly.

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Search Information on Pinterest, Yelp!, Instagram, and Youtube

Use different electronic sources to get the best from your trip. Even when you think Instagram and YouTube are not for traveling guides, trip diaries and hashtags can be extremely useful.

Don’t Be too Predictable

Even when everything is already planned, do not always stick to your plans. Keep your trip fun and off-the-cuff.

Of course, something always might go wrong, but it never hurts to be prepared!

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