4 The Most Beautiful Coffee Shops You Can Find in the World

4 The Most Beautiful Coffee Shops You Can Find in the World

Coffee has already become a drink without which most of us can’t live a day. We relish this delicious drink everywhere we can. However, the most comfortable and relaxing place is a caf? where coffee is served and presented in the most exquisite way.
Let’s take a look at the most popular must visit places that are considered to be the best places in the world where one can experience a real coffee paradise. Don’t walk past these truly great caf?s.

Best Places in the World

1. Caf? New York in Budapest

It is one of the places where art people of the early 20-th century used to spend their time. Now, it is not simply a caf?, but also a full-blown restaurant that offers both traditional Italian and local dishes. The interior is extremely impressive as it combines the 19-th century paintings on the ceiling and the contemporary style of the furnishings. Deepen into the atmosphere of the past and enjoy the dishes served by the best chefs in the Europe.

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2. Caf? Central in Vienna

Another caf? used to be a frequent meeting place for many writers and philosophers of the 19-th century. This caf? is truly a part of literary history that no visitor wants to cross out of the list of the places to see.

3. Caf? Imperial in Prague

Designed by Jaroslav Benedikt, this stunning caf? has been renovated to bring its visitors back to the magnificent atmosphere of old days in Prague. It is suitable to visit any part of the day due to the wide range of choice of fine drinks and dishes. Moreover, this caf? is one of the most recommended places where to go in Europe.

4. Caf? de la Paix in Paris

This caf? is famous for its stunning interior. It was built by Alfred Armand, the architect who also designed the Opera House. You should visit this Parisian cafe to discover its outstanding interior and taste delicious cakes and tarts.
Even though the prices in these caf?s are a way higher than in other places, it is absolutely worth experiencing their cultural heritage alive. Don’t grudge spending your money in one of the above mentioned must visit places, and you will be truly pleased with service, food and, what is the most important, an astonishing atmosphere.

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