6 Tips on How to Boost Your Confidence

6 Tips on How to Boost Your Confidence

One day I got an email that first exited me for a moment, and then scared the life out of me. It invited me to speak about the charisma of politicians and the ways to manipulate it on the radio show. Yes, I know a lot about charisma. But am I proficient in politics? No, I am not!

It was just one of the many moments in my life when I experienced self-doubt. However, I did not allow the fear of failure to defeat my ambition to challenge myself. Thus, I prepared these 6 tips on how to improve self-confidence to help you overcome the hardships on your way to success.

How to Feel More Confident

Say “Yes”

There is no better method to get rid of anxiety than to take immediate action. It means that you should make a decision quickly before your obsession takes over. For example, I agreed to participate in the radio show within a minute after reading the email. Thus, I did not let the fear to prevent me from trying something new in my life.

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Store Positive Feedback

The bestselling writer of Steal Like an Artist, Austin Kleon, recommends to keep a record of kind notes, positive feedback, compliments, and thank-you letters that people send you. Reread them every time you hesitate in your strengths and motivate yourself for further development.

Sit Still

Do you know that success is an intellectual game? To reach a positive headspace you just need to go to YouTube and spend 5-10 minutes on guided meditations. I strongly advise you to watch videos of Abraham Hicks and Susanne Kempken.

Listen to Music

A powerful song can actually do a miracle to your self-confidence. If you have not found your personal mood shifter yet, listen to “Titanium” by David Guetta, Sia’s “Unstoppable” or “Lose Yourself” by Eminem.

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Recall Your Past Accomplishments

Think of 3 important achievements you made within the past 2 years. Maybe you have found a well-paid job, survived a painful breakup, or moved to another city. Whatever your accomplishments are, you have changed something in your life and you did that well. Remember about it and inspire yourself to overcome your fear of failure.

Keep in Mind that We Are all just Puzzling It out

Why do we always think that everyone knows the right way to do things, except of us? The truth is that we are all simply trying to do our best. Ricky Gervais, a British comic, once said that there is no person in the world who knows what he/she is doing. So, whatever you are planning to do, just give it a shot and see what happens next.

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Do you want to know whether my radio interview was successful? Actually, it was okay, and it was definitely less scary than I first thought. So, use the tips provided above and improve your self-confidence to be able to make new accomplishments every day!

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