7 Tips Every Essay-Maker Should Know

7 Tips Every Essay-Maker Should Know

When you think about the necessity of writing an essay, it often scares you and makes your day more stressful. On the other hand, if you allow yourself enough time and break the writing process into separate parts, the task will look less daunting. Find out how to divide the essay writing process effectively and get a perfect essay as a result.

Select a Topic

In most cases, you will have the topic assigned to you by a professor. If you are allowed to choose the topic on your own, prefer the one that is relevant and makes you interested. It is also necessary to narrow down the focus in order to make your essay more precise and meet the required paper length.

Write an Outline

Next, it is necessary to arrange your thoughts. Write the ideas you have about the topic on a separate piece of paper. Then, highlight three most important points and make connections among them and ideas that support or complement the main points. This outline will serve as a roadmap of your future essay.

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Create a Thesis Statement

Look through your outline again and write down a sentence that unites three main points you highlighted in the outline. Double check whether your thesis statement fully reflects the main theme of your essay.

Compose the Body Paragraphs

The aim of the body paragraphs is to describe the topic. Use three main points in your outline and develop each of them into a separate paragraph. Also, use supporting ideas from the outline to prove the correctness of the main ideas. Make sure there are enough facts and evidence in each paragraph.

Compose the Introduction

The aim of introduction is to lead the readers into the topic and persuade them that the article is worth reading. In short, your introduction must have a hook that will interest the readers to continue reading. This may be a quote, story, anecdote, shocking statistics, etc.

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Compose the Conclusion

The aim of the conclusion is to sum up the main ideas and provide the final perspective on the issue discussed in the essay. Thus, it is necessary to reinforce your thesis and review three topic sentences.


The rough draft of the essay is ready. Now it is necessary to check the structure and the flow of the ideas once again to make sure they are logical and concise. Next, make sure there are no grammar and spelling errors. Also, you may ask someone to go through your essay quickly and highlight the mistakes.

If you break the essay writing process into 7 parts, there will be more chances of creating a perfect paper.

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