American Dream Essay

The assignment is to write an essay on the topic of the American Dream. This topic is wide and open to thousands of subtopics. When writing this essay, one needs to define what is meant by the term ‘American Dream’. This term has as many meanings as there are people in the world. The writer needs to identify what the American Dream means to him and then decide how he wants to expound on this meaning or compare and contrast this meaning to that of other people.

Different meanings of the American Dream have some things in common: freedom, opportunity, equality, liberty and of course the pursuit of happiness are all part of what every individual wishes for and in the United States of America. And attaining these unalienable rights is not only a dream, but a reality.

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When the forefathers landed in America, they brought with them lifelong memories of hardships, oppression, hunger, strife, lack of religious freedom and others. As they stepped onto the new land of America, they knew that their dream of being free was in their power. Everyone had an equal chance to be successful at whatever they chose to undertake. Not so long ago they lived in an environment where they had no chance to build a brighter future in spite of their hard work and ingenuity.

As the American Dream essay unfolds, the writer can illustrate just what it means to him and then support his feelings with thoughts and writings by works of many great American dreamers in history. How did each of these people perceive the American Dream and how does it compare to the essayist’s view? Does the dream mean the same thing to every race and gender or does it take on a whole new direction when it refers to the liberty of a rich man versus that of a poor man? Does one’s dream entail having all the money he can get or when it merely means having food on the table every day to another?

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Does the American Dream take into account the millions of oppressed people who followed this dream and left everything behind in hopes of fulfilling what to some was a crazy delusion? The essayist could look speculate at the image of a man coming to the shores of American having nothing but a dream. That indeed portrays faith in what America had to offer these people

So, when writing on a subject as broad as ‘The American Dream‘, the essayist needs to think long and hard on what facet of the dream he wants to write about. Support for every characteristic of the American Dream is everywhere and in everything America stands for. Just look for it and use it to bring this epic quotation to life. Make the readers believe in the dream, the American Dream. Testimonials

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