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This is information about writing perfect American Essays. Among other topics, they can be composed about religion, society, people, American life, politics, Constitutional law, government, law (general), American English, language, culture.

The Academic American essay starts with a brief summary analysis of that which has already been written on the topic at hand. This is also referred to as a review of the literature or literature review. In most cases, the academic institution requires that all quotations, substantial facts and other material that supports the essay be properly referenced within a bibliography at the text’s end.
The purpose for the bibliography at the end of the text is to allow readers to glean the basis of quotations and facts that are used in the body of the essay to support its arguments. It also helps evaluate the extent to which the argument can be supported by evidence and what the quality of that evidence is. The American Academic Essay serves the primary purpose of testing the abilities of the students to present thoughts and ideas in a well-organized way. It also challenges their intellectual capabilities.
K-12 is only the beginning of one’s serious academic life. During these years, students are assigned many essays that deal with various topics and subject fields.

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• American culture essays describe or analyze a set of values, beliefs, material goods and norms shared by American people and others.
• American language, American English essays contain the de facto national languages of British and American or US English.
• The Government, American law, politics or constitution essays usually describe the political system in the United States.
Facts: The United States is the oldest surviving federation in the entire world. It consists of a government regulated by a system of checks and balances, constituting a democracy that is elucidated by the United States Constitution. The Articles of Confederation were replaced by the Constitution in 1789. It was in effect for 8 solitary years, from 1781 to 1789.
There are three primary branches of the US Federal Government, They are designed with a check and balance system to monitor one another's powers and keep things fair for the people of America. The three branches consist of:
• Executive Branch: The President of the United States, who appoints the Federal Cabinet and other officers with Senate approval. Other duties include administering and enforcing federal law, vetoing bills, and serving as Commander in Chief of the United States military.
• Legislative Branch: The Congress consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate. They make all federal laws, have the power to declare war, approve treaties, control finances, and can impeach. Impeachment can remove or discipline members of the government.
• Judiciary Branch: The Supreme Court, along with the lower Federal courts, consists of judges that are appointed by the President with the approval of the Senate. It interprets laws and can overturn any that they deem unconstitutional.

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The Bill of Rights guarantees freedom of the press, speech and religion. It is an amendment to the constitution that also protects all American’s so that they have rights to fair trials; to bear arms; to universal suffrage; and protects their property rights.
The Democratic and Republican Parties primarily dominate American politics. Their members have the majority of elected offices across the country at federal, state, and lower levels.
• American studies essays cover the interdisciplinary field that deals with the study of America and it’s inner-workings. This includes, but is not limited to the fields of women’s studies, urban studies, film, media, literature, art, history and economics. Often, the field of American Studies is accredited to Vernon Louis Parrington, who is said to be its founder.
Women, society, people and American life essays examine the social classes within the United States, and these entities’ cultural influences on people who live in this country.
American studies essays often discuss issues related to the division of three to five American socio-economic “classes.” More distinct groups exist. However, they are not as prominent as the three to five main groups.

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Race is another issue that is commonly discussed in the American studies essay. In the United States, race is typically based on a person’s physical characteristics such as their skin color and facial features. Race has played an essential role in helping to shape United States society even prior to the nation’s true conception.
American Religion Essays – These are customarily written to analyze, describe or research United States’ history concerning religion. Protestant Christianity has been America’s dominant religion. Currently, more than three quarters of all Americans identify themselves as Christian, with a 56/27% division between Protestants and Catholics. America also consists of other religions such as Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism, as well as atheists. The Federal Government itself, however, is a secular institution. The prevailing stance between the government and religion is the famous, “separation of Church and State.”

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