Argumentative Essay: Should Children Wear the School Uniforms?

Argumentative Essay: Should Children Wear the School Uniforms?

Many Americans consider wearing the school uniforms as an old-fashioned habit, whereas the others support it. Indeed, the question of wearing the school uniforms causes many debates all over the globe. In many countries, children are used to wearing the uniform since it is the easiest way to demonstrate equality. Regardless of the religion, gender, age, and material status of their parents, children wear neat costumes and dresses. Indeed, there are many reasons why this norm should be accepted by other schools.

First and foremost, the children who do not think about their new look every day can easily focus on their academic achievements. It is proven that such children demonstrate better academic results comparing to their peers who do not wear the school uniforms. Also, the school uniform makes the children proud of their educational institution as it gives them a wonderful feeling of connection with the school and children studying in it. Thus, one should admit that the sense of community and connectedness helps the students to overcome the barriers and gain more self-confidence. Those students who realize that they are the part of something bigger will find their place in the world and achieve success much easier.

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Bullying is one of the most terrible issues in the contemporary educational system. Some students experience a lot of negative feelings and emotions because of bullying. They suffer because of social, mental, and even physical harassment. Clothing is one of the main reasons of bullying. The students from the richer families believe that they have the rights to offend the poorer ones. The children who cannot allow buying “right” clothes are often the object of mockeries. Thus, one can conclude that wearing the school uniforms could definitely help to reduce the number of conflicts. Wearing the same clothes, the students agree with the equal social status and the laws of education. Also, it will help the poor students to avoid offensive judgments of their physical appearance since they will be assessed by their communication skills and mental abilities.

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One of the main fears of the children who need to buy the uniforms is that their individuality will be suppressed. However, they should take this possibility as a great chance to express their character and let other people see their personal qualities. Besides, the girls could improve their look wearing the hair clips or bracelets. The students should remember that their personality does not depend on their clothes only, but it depends on how they can present themselves or how they think, talk, and feel.

It should be said that there are much more benefits of wearing the uniforms. Choosing the schools, where the uniform is a must, parents can economize lots of money and spend it on some other essential needs of their child. Also, as it was mentioned above, wearing the school uniform along with other students, the child is less likely to become the object of bullying. He or she will also find it easier to gain self-identity. Testimonials

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