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Surely, your parents told you this, as you were growing up – “You get exactly what you pay for” or “Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish.” What they were trying to explain is that, while a bargain can be a good thing, cheaper can also mean that you will pay more in the long run when you have to replace the cheap item, because it has broken or does not work correctly! So it is with writing services. Certainly, you can go to the cheapest paper writing service, but you will receive something that is so poorly written, you will have wasted your money. Worse, you may unknowingly receive plagiarized copy and actually submit it, and, when caught, you will know what “pound foolish” means!
Finding a cheap service is easy; finding custom essay writing services is a bit more difficult, because the industry and technology itself have attracted lots of crooks. How easy for someone to promise the best essay writing service, deliver the worst possible quality and service, and never have to face that customer.

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Professional essay writing services may be few in number, but they all bear the same important characteristics. Students seeking a quality writing service should keep these characteristics in mind and, when they find the right service, stick with it until their academic careers are finished.
WRITERS: All services purport to have professional writers with degrees. The service that assigns a writer to your essay or paper and then establishes a line of communication between the two of you is one of the few professional essay writing services.
PLAGIARISM: A quality writing service will have methods by which it can demonstrate that its written works are fully original. Generally, this is accomplished through a detection software tool and a resultant report. Your writing service should have such software and should be willing to share the report on your ordered work.
CONTACT: Custom essay writing services that provide telephone and fax numbers, as well as email and live chat, are generally “good guys.” Customers can talk with a live person, and that indicates legitimacy.

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PRICING: You would not expect to pay the same price for a damaged, old car as you would for a brand new car. So it is with essays and papers. If you buy inferior, pre-sold or plagiarized works, you will pay little; if you use a quality writing service, with professional writers, you should expect to pay more, because they will demand fair payment for their expert work. True custom essay writing services pay their writers well!
CONFIDENTIALITY: You do not want others to “know your business.” Professional writing services understand this and insist upon encrypting everything. Fraudulent services won’t take the time and effort to do this, because they do not care!

CUSTOMIZATION: Any service claiming to deliver custom works will ask for every detail of a customer’s requirements, and the assigned writer will adhere to those details. Cheap, scam services may ask you for the details, but, because they are “lifting” pre-written and pre-sold works, you will get whatever they have found. The length, research, and formatting will not be as you ordered, and you will be faced with a major overhaul at the last minute!
You can always use the cheapest paper writing service, but be prepared to receive a bad product. Or, you can use, an agency that thousands of happy customers claim to be the best essay writing service online. You will pay more, but pricing is moderate and fair. Let us help you! Testimonials

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