Compare and contrast essay

Compare and contrast essay
The compare and contrast essay can either focus on comparing something or contrasting something. The main purpose of this type of essay is to identify the differences or the similarities of two objects, people, places, events, etc. The author has to identify them and discuss them in the essay. The comparison and the contrast of the objects have to be relevant and significant.
In writing a compare and contrast essay, the author has to first identify the main points for comparing. This is a very significant task because the whole essay will be structured according to the identified main points. First, the author must understand the topic. He or she should research and read related books, articles, etc. The goal is to find out the important aspects of each object and then pick out the ones that are significant.

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The structure of the compare and contrast essay
This type of essay sticks to the standard structure of an essay which includes the introduction, body and conclusion. However, there are certain things that should be included in the different parts of the essay:
• Introduction- this should include what the main things to be compared and contrasted are. The author should be able to give a brief outline of the main points of comparison and contrast. The introduction should be informative yet it should also be catchy so that the readers can easily be attracted to read it. The introduction should make an impact to the reader upon reading the first few lines. One of the tactics in compare and contrast essays is the use of an anecdote or adding an element of surprise to the discussion.

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• Body- the body should include the main points that the author wishes to present. Each main point should have its own paragraph or it could be extended to two paragraphs if necessary. The author should provide ample discussion and explanation of the main points. The author should suggest the readers to analyze the points mentioned to be able to comprehend the whole essay. To make sure that the points are clear, the paragraphs should be organized in a logical way and they should be related with one another. The goal of the author is to make sure the reader can easily understand the main points of comparison and contrast are and the reason behind them. Each paragraph should have a clear topic sentence so the readers can follow the discussion. It would be best if the author gets a second opinion about the body from another person after he or she has written all the paragraphs.

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• Conclusion- it should summarize the main points and it should briefly give a summary of the whole essay. The author should avoid simply copying words already mentioned in the body of the essay.
Compare and contrast essays need a keen understanding of the topic and it needs a writer who is keen on details. For assistance in writing this type of essay, simply contact us and we will gladly accommodate you. Testimonials

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