Comparison essay

The trick to writing good essays is by knowing what the purpose of the essay is and what information should be included. Get to know what a comparison essay is and the basics in writing one.

This type of essay’s main purpose is to compare; it could be a comparison of various things, experiences, people, events, issues, etc. This essay focuses on the key similarities and key differences of people, places, things, events, and the like. The author can choose to discuss the similarities and differences starting from the less significant ones to the majorly significant or vice versa. Commonly though, authors discuss either similarities or differences in the essay.

How to write a comparison essay
A comparison essay has to be well organized and detailed. The author can either organize the whole essay to discuss similarities or differences. The author has to make a clear and concise thesis statement that encompasses two things being compared, be it an event, person, place, thing, etc. The thesis statement has to be strong and it has to make a point about comparison being discussed. Everything that will be included in the essay, especially similarities and differences, has to be based on references and they should be proven valid in the essay; otherwise, such details should not be mentioned in the essay. The comparison essay mainly deals with facts and it does not deal with suppositions. Also, all the information and facts need to be connected and relevant to the thesis statement.

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Structure of the comparison essay
The structure will depend on whether the author will discuss the similarities or differences of the chosen topic. One, the essay can focus on a number of small similarities or small differences. In this case, introduction does not have a thesis statement. The essay will then progress to introducing the two variables to be compared. The first variable should be introduced with no comparisons yet. When the second variable is introduced, that is when the comparison can be mentioned. Conclusion will include the thesis statement containing similarities or differences of those that were compared.

The author can also structure an essay in another way by focusing it on major differences or similarities. The introduction in this structure will not contain a thesis statement but it will include a general background of the variables to be compared. The first paragraph will contain the first major similarity or first major difference of the two things or people being compared. The second paragraph will discuss the second major similarity or difference and so on. The conclusion will contain the thesis statement.
Comparison essays have no strict rules when it comes to choice of topic. The author can choose to compare people, events, places, facts, etc. The main purpose is to be able to determine the important and significant differences and similarities. For more information about how to write a good comparison essay, do not hesitate to contact us. Testimonials

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