Cyber Technology and Future

Cyber Technology and Future

Seeing how technologies have become an integral part of our daily lives it’s impossible to make future forecasts without seeing futuristic devices, cheap surgery performed by robots, intricate gadgets and all kinds of genetic modifications. Humanity has stepped on the technological track and it’s clearly not going change it. Labs all over the world are conducting different researches and setting experiments, which will very soon turn into inventions that will shape our future. Thirty years ago, we could hardly imagine that our world will be the way it is right now and smartphones will become an object of our addiction. However, whether we like it or not, that’s the direction we have chosen.

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Welcome to Cybernetic Future!

There are a lot of theories which describe how our cybernetic future will look like. It’s not that they that they can describe precisely what picture you will see looking in the window in thirty years, but many components are quite easy to foresee. Molecular and genetic engineering, upgrading human body with microchips and nano-devices, mixing humans and robots, creation of sprawl-like metropolises, penetration of technology into every sphere of human activity and into our very nature.

Some people think that future is freedom from diseases, cosmic ships flying across the universe, consumption of only pure water and food, unified humanity, peace etc. While that picture may be the vision of the future, judging from what we see in the present, this picture doesn’t have many chances to become reality and rather looks like a utopia. If we want to be more realistic about our future we need to consider the problems that we’re facing today: global warming, overpopulation, extinction of plants and animals, contamination of soil, shortage of fresh water, infections, etc. If we look at it from this perspective then we can say that our future will most likely be less happy and natural and more miserable and plastic.

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Soon the borders between robots and human beings might dissolve and moreover, the line between virtual reality and physical reality can disappear. We couldn’t imagine it 20 years ago, but with the advent of the Internet and development of technologies, we’re seeing that people like the world of their smartphones and tablets more than they like the physical world. The line between online reputation and real-world reputation is already non-existent because it can take 10 minutes of time to make an impression about a certain person by simply using Google.

The question arises – what is real and what is not? We can see today that people build their image by posting photos in social networks, spend all their free time online and garbage their brain with totally worthless information that they forget in a couple of hours. No matter what our future will look like, if we want to remain humans, we need to decide what’s more important for us – the soothing, but empty quality of technology or more considerate, but far more beneficial gift of real human communication and understanding. Or maybe, the balance of both? Testimonials

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