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With several essay levels to choose from, the novice writer might feel confused by issues such as structure. Organization is the key to correctly structuring your essay. Organize your writing environment and your thoughts. Ensure your work space is free of clutter, is quiet and that there are no other distractions around you. Get in the right frame of mind to ensure your work is error-free.

Ensure you possess and understand all relevant knowledge and materials. Take your time to study and digest the information you have to hand. Remember, to ask yourself who, why, when, where and how because the answers to these questions can provide you with a lot of the needful information. These answers can also assist in establishing an organized structure to your essay. This structure will help you develop a logical, seamless flow in your writing.

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By now you should have decided on the topic of your discussion and be well placed to describe how you have come to your reasoning. To demonstrate your subject knowledge, address your reasoning on why particular events have happened or are shaped the way they are. It is a good idea to choose a certain method or essay guide to retain your focus. Clear direction will help your decision making on what you want to write about and how to cohesively connect the separate components of your essay. When you are ready to write, structure your essay with a starting point, a body and a conclusion
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