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If you are looking at a list of essay topics and want to choose an essay topic on your own, here are some steps you can follow. These steps will make the entire essay topics selection process not only easier, but more manageable as well. Below are a number of different questions and pointer for you to read over and answer. They will assist in selecting the best possible essay topics that are suitable for the academic assignment you have been tasked with.

• Take a moment to determine the specific subject area you are looking to select from. For example, if you are in a Shakespearean Literature course, do you have a specific play or specific theme that you would want to write about for an academic essay?
• What various sources are you going to use for the different essay topics? Are you only going to be utilizing information from textbooks at the school and/or local library, or will you be utilizing other sources, such as reputable online journals as well?
• Will you have sufficient time to do all the necessary research, both online and in a library, on the essay topics you are thinking about? What kind of time frame do you have to write?
• What is the citation style you will be using to write your essay paper? Are you familiar with the rules of each specific citation format or are you going to have to look them up for pointers?
• Are there other essay topics in a specific subject that you find interest in? If there are, do you want to look them over real fast to see what kind of information they have before settling on one specific essay topic?
• What essay format is the most suitable when it comes to the selected essay topic? Besides basic formatting requirements, are there other specific requirements you may need to know?

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If you are having a hard time determining essay topics, you have access to a large variety of available resources for assistance. The internet can be a great place to turn to when having to look for appropriate essay topics. For instance, you may be able to browse through a list of various college articles written on a specific subject.

Essay topics are general ideas about what a student should write about. From the essay topic, a student can determine their essay thesis, which is the specific statement used in the academic assignment.

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