Essential Information on Theory of Labeling

Essential Information on Theory of Labeling

What Is Labeling Theory?

Labeling theory is aimed at looking into the behaviors of individuals affected by the terms of classification or putting them into certain sociological categories. It is often mistakenly associated with something totally unfair and akin to stereotyping. Quite the contrary, labeling theory deals with concrete models of social organization and symbolic ways of interaction. The methodic is set out to analyze the previously mentioned categories and to find the solution to the various problems in the study of sociology.

The Key Concepts of the Theory

According to labeling theory, deviance and crime are not the things that can be determined by decisions and actions. Instead, it investigates the outcomes of derogatory. The study also concentrates on some damaging categorizations and labels that are pinned on the minorities. One more subject of interest is deviant subcultural associations. The study sets out the influence that labels have on society and how it increases criminal activity. There are different levels of the study distribution, namely, micro level that focuses on individuals and macro level that examines the national or state features. One more item to be weighty for the theory is the consequences (either juridical or psychological) of criminal practices and labeling. It means that the study is interconnected with other branches of science, for instance, psychology, taking into account different mental illnesses, treatment agencies, withdrawal, and vulnerability.

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On the History of Labeling Theory

First, the theory was developed in the 1960s by a distinguished expert in the sphere, Howard Saul Becker. He promoted the doctrine while scrutinizing the state institutes, government agencies, and the process of implementation of crime and deviance in society.

The study is usually considered to be among the components of the entire set of social reaction theories. The reason for such a conclusion is that labeling theory goes behind the initialization in criminal behavior and informal facts of the response of a few people or an individual to labeling.

Labeling theory disputes whether labels are constrained due to the fact that those, who are in charge of labeling, intercommunicate and associate with the aimed audience. That is why we can come to a logical conclusion that the objects of labeling are pushed to get comfortable with the situation and to adjust to it. Therefore, it involves two-sided interaction. These factors create a rather appropriate environment for the upgrowth of criminal behavior and engagement in deviant practices.

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Nowadays, there is a great number of researches that work on the development of the theory. One of the valuable resources to come in handy is The team of professionals is always ready to offer you any information on the researches and factual data on the theory of labeling. Whenever you are searching for some details on criminology, you are welcome to ask for assistance. They are well-versed in empirical and methodological processes which designate the theory itself. Feel free to contact the team and get the needed information on a particular topic. Testimonials

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