Five-paragraph essay

A five-paragraph essay is one of the classical composition formats used in stating the writer’s point of view. It may utilize different forms and styles in writing, and may either be analytical or argumentative depending on its purpose for crafting.
One of the key components of the five-paragraph essays is preparation of a draft. This draft contains the outline of ideas of the specific topic to be written about. These ideas will then be segregated under the different subtopics of the general subject in an organized and systematic matter. The subtopics, otherwise known as topic sentences, introduce the important points of the main topic, meticulously selected to form part of the essay. The logical development of facts may either be deductive or inductive; where the deductive method organizes facts from general to specific, while the inductive method starts from the specific points progressing toward the general idea. When the draft has been completed, writing of the actual essay can commence.

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The Introductory Paragraph
The first paragraph serves as the introductory paragraph and contains the general topic statement and the purpose of the paper. It is also in this paragraph where different subtopics that expound on the subject matter is introduced. Take note to always write in the active voice, and refrain from using the pronoun “I” unless the essay is a personal narrative.

The Body
This section contains the second, third and fourth paragraphs or the supporting paragraphs. Sequential arrangement of the different topic statements within these three paragraphs depend on each subtopic’s impact, significance, and relevance to the general subject matter. While the second paragraph contains the strongest argument in support of the main idea, the third and fourth paragraphs further reinforce information therein. Always create a transition when shifting from one paragraph to the next. It is necessary to establish a link between paragraphs to make transition smooth and free-flowing.

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The Summary Paragraph
The closing paragraph summarizes important points and information found in the previous paragraphs. The objective of this section is to make a reader understand and accept a view of the writer without the slightest hint of doubt or reluctance. This is the last opportunity for the writer to create a strong impression and get the message through. The purpose statement found in the introductory paragraph must be reiterated in a way that states that the objective has been met upon reaching the essay’s conclusion.
It is not only the content or structure which the writer takes note of. Though the intensity of information within the entire essay would prove to be the strongest ingredient in creating an exceptional composition, the slightest errors with the use of the English language may reduce value of the entire essay altogether.
Keep attentive to common errors like spelling and grammar, subject and verb agreement, and verb tenses. Be concise and observe brevity. Beating around the bush is a hallmark for ignorance and uncertainty, relying on a sea of insensible words and displaced ideas to make up for the writer’s lack of expertise. The writer must achieve consistency in matter, form, and structure in order to establish authority over the paper’s audience. Testimonials

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