How to Write a Definition Essay about Ambition

How to Write a Definition Essay about Ambition

Ambition is one of those concepts that can be discussed from different points of view. As a result, it often becomes the subject of student essays.

  1. Dictionary Definition

When your task is to compose a definition essay, it is a good idea to start with a dictionary extract that actually explains the subject of your piece of writing, in our case it is “ambition”:

Oxford Dictionary provides us with the following definition of ambition: “something that you want to do or achieve very much; the desire or determination to be successful, rich, powerful”.

  1. Your Own Definition

Once you have provided the official definition, it is time to express your own vision of the mentioned concept and build a thesis statement. The best way to do it is to give your personal understanding and definition. Do not be afraid to express your point of view honestly even if it contradicts the popular belief. Here is an example.

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Ambition has always had a positive connotation. However, I tend to disagree. All dictators can be called ambitious, and yet no one will give their names as examples that should be followed. When misused, ambition is not virtuous, but dangerous. I believe that ambition is a combination of power, success, and fame.

  1. Main Parts

The next step is to develop your ideas and support them with examples, evidences, names, and statistics – basically anything that makes your point strong. This will be the body part of your essay that should include three or four paragraphs, each of which will be centered on one idea.

When writing about ambition, we would recommend to start with mentioning names of ambitions people in different spheres of life: politics, cinematography, music, and business. Emphasize why their personalities can be set as examples and what is a global perception of their ambitions.

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Then, express your own attitude to the studied topic. You can mention how the concept of ambition should reach far beyond the examples of celebrities, because in reality every person’s ambition is special and unique.

Finally, give some examples of how every individual can find an opportunity to be ambitious in his/her own life. We all have ambitions whether at home or at school, in a romantic relationship or while raising children, at work or in community development.

  1. Conclusion

To sum up, make a paragraph long summary of your ideas. You can connect the giving examples with your own definition mentioned at the beginning. Make sure it sums up everything you have said in the body part and supports your essay ideas. Testimonials

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