Let Me Inspire You to Write a Short Speech!

Let Me Inspire You to Write a Short Speech!

There can be two explanations why you are reading this article: either you are fond of reading about everything or you are actually in trouble with your short speech assignment. If the latter is the matter, don’t worry: you’ve come to the right place. After reading this article, you will certainly have a clear idea of what a good short speech should look like. Who knows, we might even inspire you to come up with a perfect topic!

Let this short speech about dreaming and setting goals will both serve you as a sample for writing your own short speech and make you reconsider some important aspects of own life.

The Hidden Danger of Dreaming Big

When it comes to thinking about your future and setting goals in life, which approach is better: to dream big or to focus on small things? As a person who was a true adept of the first approach for the vast part of my life, I can say that being over-ambitious can be even more damaging for you than not having any ambitions at all.

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You see, since I was a little kid, I strongly believed that I was entitled to success. I didn’t have a single doubt about becoming a world-renowned persona and building a perfect career. I have to say that at that time I had some reasons to think so. I was used to being the best at basically everything. Straight A-s, top of the class. The brightest kid in my class, they called me. I lived in a cocooned environment, dreamed about my future success and didn’t even realize how harsh the reality might be.

However, everything changed when I left my hometown and entered the university. Soon enough, I had to come to grips with the fact that I wasn’t the best anymore. I was surrounded by a great deal of incredibly intelligent young people who were the brightest kids in their own classes. I still was rather good at most of the subjects, but I wasn’t the best and that made me feel depressed. I simply wasn’t able to appreciate small achievements and enjoy small things.

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 I guess, I would have continued becoming more and more frustrated and dissatisfied with myself. Thankfully, I managed to realize the truth: big aims are good but they are not everything; small achievements are equally important. And you can’t get everything at once: it’s okay to fail as long as you learn something from your failure and continue moving forward on your way to success.


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