Making Money at High School

Making Money at High School

Finding a job for a summer during the holidays is a perfect chance for teenagers to get invaluable real work experience at the early age. Despite choosing an appropriate job may seem challenging, there are usually plenty of available positions. It is important to decide what you want to do and where. As soon as you figured it out, just look for the position that meets your expectations.

Job Opportunities for Schoolers


An average unqualified babysitter earns $15 per hour. That is a decent payment for a teenager during summer break. It is a good chance to get some extra cash as well as gain so necessary nanny experience, because in the future there will be a few of your own kiddies to bring up.

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Camp Counsel

If you are a fan of outdoor activities, perhaps watching over slightly elder kids will be alright with you. There are a lot of available camps all over the country, so finding an appropriate place will not make you any problems. An average annual salary of a camp member can be around $23,000, so it is possible to earn a few bucks during your summer break.

Pool Cleaner

Pools are a very popular entertainment nowadays, however, they require special care, which can bring you a small earning. Though it is quite a hard work, you need to contact a pool company to begin working. The salary may vary, as the clients have different pools, but anyway, it is possible for you to have a stable source of money at least for a summer.

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Despite summer is a synonym to a rest, many students spend this time to catch up or sometimes even to enhance their knowledge. If you are good at a certain subject, why not to use your skills to earn money and make someone smarter. An average lesson may bring you around $15. In order to motivate you, it should be mentioned that qualified tutors might earn up to $50 per hour. So, do not waste your time, and get more experienced in your teaching.

Theatre and Movie Helper

Summer is a time for new premiers to be shown in cinemas. The more new movies appear on the big screens, the more visitors are there in the halls. The same is with the theatre plays. Therefore, those establishments require additional help to deal with all that public. Apart from money and working experience, there is a great chance to enjoy all the new films for free.

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Golf Course Caddy

Quite an interesting but low-paid job. However, the tips from the customers may bring you extra cash. The more golfer is satisfied with the play, the more dollars you are likely to receive at the end of the day. You should focus on the private prestigious golf clubs, where you will have to go through a special kind of course to get all the rules and valuable tips.


If you are fit enough, swim well enough, and enjoy sunny beaches, then there is no other job for you but the lifeguard. However, it is an extremely responsible job as your physical skills must be able to save the lives. First aid knowledge is also a must, so despite well-paid hours and enjoyable time-spending, there are often difficult situations to deal with. Testimonials

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