My Reasons for Joining the Student Council

My Reasons for Joining the Student Council

The idea of being an integral part of the Student Council has always attracted me. Therefore, since I became a student, I have had a burning desire to join it. The first reason why I am willing to enter the student council is self-improvement. From my point of view, this organization can help me acquire leadership skills and amplify such features as responsibility, time management, and sensibility. I hold an opinion that active involvement in the student body affair will open up a wonderful opportunity to influence this school in a beneficial way.

Secondly, I am bursting with the myriads of ideas that could be highly efficient for the work of the Student Council. I am convinced that owing to my suggestions our school will notice exceptionally substantial improvements. Since I have always kept up with the events, which take place in our school, I desire to engage in the heated discussions about any school issues that could have profound effects on the students. I am aware of the fact that being a part of the Student Council implies being prompt. Nevertheless, I am more than ready to attend all the meetings and be active during the events, organized by the Student Council. What is more, I am prepared to support the vice president and supply all the services required for the profit of the Medical Magnet.

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Finally, having been a Medical Magnet student since the 9th grade, I am knowledgeable about everything that occurs in the student life. Additionally, I am acquainted with most of the Medical Magnet students, which, in its turn, implies that I have a deep insight into the necessities and wishes, needed for the Medical Magnet. As a matter of fact, I worked as the Key Club Secretary;
consequently, I have considerable experience in jotting down valuable information and informing the students about the forthcoming events. Furthermore, the activities in the Key Club made me more attentive, communicative, and alert. As for now, at Division 25 Key Club, I hold the position of the Division Technology Chair, which may be viewed as a proof of responsibility and devotion to my occupation.

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I would highly appreciate if you consider my nomination for the member of the Student Council. Due to the facts enlisted above, I regard myself as a suitable candidate for this position. Testimonials

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