Religion Triggers Conflicts

Religion Triggers Conflicts

Religion is a highly controversial issue nowadays. While the very concept of religion as a connection between a human and the supreme forces of goodness seems to be pure and entirely positive, the dark side of this phenomenon can’t be denied. It sows the seeds of discord among people. Throughout centuries we’ve been witnessing religion making people brutally torture and kill other people. It was the religion that caused some of the most horrific wars in the entire history of mankind. And here are some examples of religion’s ambiguousness.

Crusading Stunts

Without a shade of a doubt, it is one of the most striking examples ruthless religion might be. Under the pretense of some sort of a higher cause, some people robbed, mutilated, and killed innocent people just because the church allowed them to do so. The whole towns were burned to the ground in the name of one’s beliefs.

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Most of the religions teach us to be kind and merciful, to love each other, which is great, indeed. Yet, at the same time some confessions contradict themselves by teaching their fellowshippers to kill those people whose beliefs are different. They teach them that those people are “wrong.” Rather hypocritical, isn’t it?


It is a pressing problem the worldwide society suffers from today. Almost every day we read about terrorist attacks in major cities all over the world. Driven by their religious beliefs, some people kill thousands of innocent men, women, and even little children.


It’s no secret that religion can be a very successful way to make money. The income of some confession authorities can be compared to the income of successful businessmen. The clergy is notorious for owning luxurious apartments, cars, accessories, and so on.

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All in all, religion can be a very important part of one’s life. Indeed, it can bring us joy and harmony, but only as long as it doesn’t dictate us to be brutal towards other people. Religion should never encourage us to kill. Testimonials

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