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An integral part of any writing assignment is the research paper abstract. Although knowing how to create research paper abstract is not necessarily something that will be needed later on in life, it is none the less important to know how to compose research paper abstract when the teacher or professor assigns you to write one in a succinct and effective manner.

Basically, research paper abstract is a brief paragraph outlining what a report will be about. Research paper abstract is no longer than one paragraph, and defines really clearly the terms of the paper. The research paper abstract is read by individuals first to decide is the research paper is of interest to them and if they want to read further.

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Because research paper abstract is a summary of the academic paper, the student must write the report first. The research paper abstract should be the last thing written prior to handing in the academic assignment. The research paper must maintain a clear direction and focus for the student to properly summarize it in research paper abstract. If the student does not have an idea about what the main point is, it can prove to be extremely difficult to summarize the assignment in research paper abstract.

Though written last, the research paper abstract goes at the beginning of the academic assignment. Research paper abstract should be at most around 200 words. It tells the reader the purpose of the research, the experiments done, the results of research, and why the topic is important for people to read. As previously stated, a reader looks over the research paper abstract before reading the actual research paper to determine if this is a topic they are interested in and if they are looking to learn more.

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Write the research paper abstract after the conclusion is complete. However, the research paper abstract should not provide a recap of the conclusion of the paper. Leave that for the readers to get to at the end of the paper. Instead, tell the readers in the research paper abstract all about what it is that they are going to be reading. Do not tell them what they are going to learn. Provide a brief overview. If you are going to write about international humanitarian intervention and use an example of Rwanda, use the research paper abstract to briefly define what is international humanitarian intervention, why it is important, some of the points that will be raised in the paper itself and that Rwanda will be used for an example for a number of reasons.

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In a number of cases, the research paper abstract goes before the introductory paragraph of the paper. It has to be located on a separate sheet of paper following the cover page. Some professors, however, require that students place the research paper abstract somewhere on the cover page itself. Ask the professor before writing the paper the requirements associated with the research paper abstract.

The research paper abstract may be seen as similar to the introduction of an academic assignment. Like research paper abstract, the introduction tells the reader about what they will find in the document. The different, however, is that an introduction offers thorough background information, whereas research paper abstract provides a general overview without any background information.

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