School Games That Graduates Are not Against to Play Again

School Games That Graduates Are not Against to Play Again

While being grown-ups, we start to realize what a pleasant and joyful period our childhood was. Interestingly, but most of us wish we could turn back the time and re-live some of those moments again. Of course, school was not the most favorite part of childhood and those days seemed really boring and unbearable. However, now we reminisce about those times, because we could play a lot of games. As soon as we enter colleges, we really miss those times we spent playing games with our friends. The saddest fact here is that it has become impossible to spend our time this way as we are in college. Mostly, it’s because we are embarrassed of playing while others are watching. The second reason is because we can’t find the right companion.
So, let’s recall the most popular school games we played while being at school.

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This game is so simple that it can be played even by students who are sitting in the class. The teacher chooses four students who stand in front of the class. Other students remain sitting with their eyes closed and heads put down on the desk. The students who are sitting put only one thumb on the desk. The four of those who were chosen to stand up silently walk through among the rows of students and press their thumbs. Afterwards, the students who were sitting have to guess who pressed their thumbs. This game is so much valued at school as it involves psychological tension.

Hide and Seek

This is probably one of the most common games among children of different age ranges. One can play it either at home with parents and friends or at school with classmates. One person should close his/ her eyes and count till others hide. Afterwards, the aim of the person who stood with eyes closed is to find the hidden people.

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A teacher secretly chooses one student who plays the role of a killer. Another student is chosen to play the role of a detective (and he is chosen openly). The purpose of the killer is to “kill” students by blinking at others and trying not to get detected. The detective should find out who the killer is before all students are killed.

Rope Jump and Double Dutch

This is the girls’ favorite game, which requires skills and speed. Two people holding a rope swing it, while the other girl(s) jump(s) over it.

Red Light, Green Light

Actually, this is both an indoor and outdoor game, but it requires space. One person stands in the corner and pretends he/ she is a traffic light. The other players stand at the other end. If the one impersonating the traffic lights says “red light,” then everyone stops. If he/ she says “green light,” everyone starts moving.

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So, how do you feel now after recalling these great kids’ games? Probably it’s time to go out and play? Testimonials

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