Surveillance: Safety Measure or Privacy Threat?

Surveillance: Safety Measure or Privacy Threat?

It is of secret to nobody that surveillance is a part and parcel of our modern society. With the advent of technologies and the increasing affordability of different recording devices, the vast majority of public places are now equipped with surveillance cameras. It seems to be a completely positive thing, since the recorded material can help solve various criminal cases, such as robberies, assaults, hit and runs and so on. Furthermore, very often, knowing that they are being recorded prevents potential criminals from committing crimes. However, there is more to surveillance than just CCTVs.

Telephone Calls

It may sound like some kind of a conspiracy theory or paranoia, but it is a commonly accepted fact nowadays: yes, our private telephone conversations are taped by special services. The government actually authorizes them to do that. It is true that in such a way, various unlawful deeds can be uncovered or even prevented. So, listening to people’s private conversations is beneficial to national security. But what about people themselves? Does not this whole situation breach some basic privacy rights?

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Electronic Mail and Social Networks

Apparently, special services are authorized to read your emails or text messages on Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms. Again, it is all being done for the sake of your own security and the security of your fellow citizens. Yet, our text messages often contain such private information that the very idea of a completely strange person reading it makes us feel terrified.

Computer Software

If you think that you can secure your privacy by working offline, we have to disappoint you. There are various examples of spying software, which enables certain people to have the access to all the data on your personal computer anytime they like.

So, as you can see, preserving your privacy is a rather difficult task these days. Of course, the government needs to have the access to people’s personal conversations, but this issue has to be strictly regulated by the law. People should be fully aware of what kind of personal information can be obtained from them and what is going to happen with that information later.

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