The Essence of Affirmative Action

The Essence of Affirmative Action

Affirmative action is the provision of special opportunities and quotas to those groups that are in the minority. It can be used to ensure gender equality in the workplace or science. Some people believe that affirmative action against women is justified. Women need help and acceptance from the society because in the past they were considered almost male’s property in some countries. Today in many social environments (family, work, politics) men still dominate. For this reason, women should have additional advantages in the society in order to balance the existing domination of men.

Equality in Employment and Education

The advantage of affirmative action is also in the fact that it guarantees that people will be provided with a workplace regardless of gender, race or physical characteristics. It helps to level the professional playing field for different people.

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Workers and students from oppressed groups, most often, are at the most disadvantageous position when enrolling in a university or in the process of applying for a job. Since many people come from low-income families or face gender stereotypes throughout their lives, they have fewer opportunities to do what they want. Although regardless of gender or race, people are equally able to work hard. Positive actions help balance these differences.

Thanks to quotas and special conditions, men and women are drawn into the spheres of life that they may never have thought of. For example, men can try themselves as educators and medical personnel, and women are engaged in computer science. The more stereotypes will be destroyed; the more positive affirmative action will be.

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Affirmative Action Essay

The theme of social inequality has been relevant for many centuries. Therefore, many students create essays expressing their reflections on this topic. You can analyze the issue of gender equality or racial discrimination in general or investigate specific cases that occur in your city or college.

An affirmative action essay must have the correct structure and consist of three main parts. First, you have to present an issue. Then you need to give arguments, which can convince the audience that discrimination is a threat to society, and affirmative action can be a solution to the problem. Then you need to draw conclusions.

It is worth noting that affirmative action is quite a controversial phenomenon. Of course, there are many examples when it helped people achieve equality, but at the same time, it can be considered as a form of discrimination (for example, in relation to men). A duality of this concept can become the basis for an interesting study. Find the arguments in favor of affirmative action and facts that disprove the effectiveness of applying this principle in the society. Articles on this topic are regularly published in well-known sociological scientific journals. They can be easily found on the Internet. You may conduct your research on their basis. As you see, affirmative action is an object that requires a detailed study and this topic will be relevant as long as the society and human relations exist.

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