The Role of Constructing a Concluding Sentence

The Role of Constructing a Concluding Sentence

The key to getting a good mark for an essay lies in a good concluding sentence. It should summarize everything you wrote about in the text. In addition, your paper should end creatively and boldly. Here are some tips on how to surprise your audience with the help of concluding sentences.

Definitive and Conclusive Concluding Sentences Writing

Start with a short link phrase. It may serve as a signal to the reader that you are finishing an essay, and he or she needs to be attentive. Use the following words and expressions as links:

  • Finally
  • Ultimately
  • After all

Summarize your main ideas in the conclusions. Try to take the first sentences of each paragraph in the body of the text and retell their main thoughts in two or three sentences. This way, you will strengthen the argument of your essay and will remind the reader what you wrote about and what you tried to prove. Present the main idea in the last sentence. Avoid summarizing the main issues in the same form, in which you wrote about them earlier. The conclusion should summarize the key problems outlined in the essay.

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Draw Parallels between the Thesis Statement and the Conclusion

If there is a strong thesis statement in your essay, be sure to use it when writing a concluding sentence. Remember that the thesis is the main idea of your essay, something that you are trying to prove. If your thesis is still unknown to the person who is reading your conclusion, it means that you failed to explain it well enough. At the same time, avoid repeating phrases from your thesis statement. Find a way to rewrite your thesis in an interesting way using other words.

Use the Proper Speech

Try to look competent in your subject. Looking competent means using the right words, relying on data from other sources and believing in your own writing skills. Write a concluding sentence avoiding trivial speech and grammatical errors.

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Therefore, instead of writing, “That is why I think that Abraham Lincoln was the best American president of the 19th century,” you should write, “That is why Abraham Lincoln was the best American president of the 19th century.” In such a way, the reader will understand that if you write about Lincoln as about the best president, then you really think so. The phrase "I think" sounds as if you are in the defensive position and makes your statement less authoritative.

Show Your Creativeness

Finish the text with some elegant expression. Start by explaining the basic idea of your essay. Ask yourself, "What is my essay about, and what do I want to tell?" and move on from this point. Finish your paper a bit ironically. Thanks to this, the ending of your essay will sound especially bold. Appeal to the feelings of the readers. Often, writers write very judiciously, forgetting about emotions. Therefore, turning to human feelings can be a really powerful way to summarize an essay.

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If you really propose people to change their lives in your text, the call to action will be a useful tool that will help you succeed. However, use it properly. It may be superfluous in the incorrect context. Do not focus on minor issues. The conclusion is not the place to analyze secondary themes. Make sure that the ending of your essay focuses on the essence of your text, but not on some minor details. Testimonials

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