The Role of Teacher in Learning Process

The Role of Teacher in Learning Process

One of the main priorities of the system of continuous education and upbringing in the framework of realization of the national idea is the free thinking and harmoniously developed personality, the personality of the citizen, devoted to the ideals of independence and democracy. There is no future for peoples and nations not aimed at their improvement, not caring about the younger generation.

The teacher is the organizer of the educational process, therefore it is not enough to know the basics of the taught science for him or her, he or she must take into account the psychological and pedagogical characteristics of the students, and therefore, to master the basics of pedagogy and psychology. The teacher gives knowledge, or rather, teaches to acquire knowledge, while skillfully evaluating the situations that arise during the educational process and taking into account the age and psychological characteristics of the learners.

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In the scientific and methodological literature, qualitative criteria, which allow the effective organization of the educational process in shaping the personality of the teacher, are singled out.

  • Deep contextual specialization in specific sciences.
  • Free orientation in general cultural (invariant in relation to various specialties) fields of knowledge.
  • Fundamental psycho-pedagogical training.
  • Possession of methodological apparatus and communicative techniques.
  • High creative and moral potential.

Levels of Teaching

The reproductive level is characterized by the fact that the teacher is only able to give knowledge, i.e., to tell what he or she knows. This level is peculiar to people who are proficient in their discipline, narrow specialists who do not have a pedagogical qualification.

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The conceptual level is marked by the fact that the teacher, in addition to his or her subject, has a broad conceptual preparation in the form of knowledge of adjacent socio-ecological and economic blocks that allow the professional design of a knowledge system.

The productive level is characterized by the fact that the teacher possesses invariant learning in the form of knowledge of psychological and pedagogical blocks that allow the transfer and motivation of the knowledge system.

The integrative level is marked by the fact that a teacher who possesses the highest degree of a productive level, having a pedagogical communication technique and corresponding personal qualities, is professionally competent to participate in the collective process of educating conceptual and social intelligence (integrative thinking and moral beliefs) that translate knowledge into a form of action.

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Importance of Communication in the Studying Process

The ideal teacher will be one who not only has the knowledge in some field of science but also the technique of pedagogical communication. In order to form a socially successful and healthy young generation, each of today's mentors must work on themselves, master the methodology and practice of pedagogical communication, learn modern methods and use them in the educational process. He or she must create and involve pupils in the creative process and change their environment. In this case, the students will realize not only their professional skills but also the right attitude to life. Testimonials

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