Tips for a Good Hook

Tips for a Good Hook

What Is a Hook?

How can a writer count on readers attention while writing an essay? The answer lies in a simple word “hook”, which is the first sentence of an essay that grabs the readers’ attention and motivates them to read a certain piece of writing till the end.

The specific feature of a nice hook implies the match of the writing tone with further statements. It should be consistent with the content of your essay as far as it captures the attention of the readers, who are interested in a particular topic touched upon in a hook sentence.

Types of Hooks

In order to create a good hook, you should define the potential audience and decide what feelings you want to arouse. Depending on whether you want the readers to solve a certain problem, inform them, make them interested in a particular topic, or just entertain them, there are some hooks that will not only help pull the readers into your writing, but also convey the main purpose of your work.

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A Quotation

If the topic of your essay finds some reflection in a piece of literature, speeches of famous people or even lyrics of songs, it will be a good beginning for your writing. However, the tricky thing concerning the quotes in your work involves avoiding using the most frequent ones, which have already become clich?s.

A Fact

It is a nice idea to impress your readers with the information related to the thesis of your writing. Surprise them with the singularity of the fact, expressed in your essay, and it will obviously make them feel intrigued.

A Question

This type of a hook consists of a rhetoric question that doesn’t need an immediate answer, but will grab the readers' attention and will lead them towards your writing with the objective to find a necessary answer between the lines of your essay.

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An Anecdotev

People enjoy reading stories related to personal experience of a writer. If there is some memory from your life connected with the topic you are writing about, do not hesitate to insert it in your hook. Whether the anecdote is hilarious or not, the point is that it reveals some intimate aspect of your life, which will likely entangle the readers to keep the pages turning.

A Setting

Put the readers into the right setting describing the scene, help them envision the issue, or refer it to themselves. Try to hide the implicit concept portraying simple realities. This technique would definitely enhance the readers' interest.

Despite there is no simple formula of how to write a good hook for an essay, don’t let your hands down! Practice makes it perfect, especially if you’ve read our tips on how to come up with an eye-catching hook that will evoke an interest of your future readers. Testimonials

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