Writing a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the author’s position on a certain topic. It is what a thesis or essay is trying to prove or establish. Because it ranks the highest priority among all other parts of the thesis, every other element in the paper must perform the role of validating the argument.

From the thesis statement, the author gathers relevant information and materials that expound on the variables of the study. In order to ensure a logical arrangement of data, an outline should first be accomplished. It should itemize the specific subtopics that will identify the particular parts of the thesis. Brainstorming is an effective way of collecting ideas from multiple sources. A well-crafted thesis statement is determined by the completeness of quintessential details within one sentence. It should contain the main argument, its description, and the reason for the description. Always keep in mind that a thesis statement is not factual, but declarative. It should be arguable and debatable on different angles, and should welcome the opportunity for intellectual discourse. A factual statement is a generally accepted truth, and trying to ponder deeper into an already established fact is not worth the scientific inquiry.

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Good thesis statements are always expressed positively. Rather than refuting an idea, it should affirm a phenomenon or proposition. It is not designed to raise a question, but rather insists a position in a certain issue. Even with just one sentence, it should reveal the entirety of the thesis—what it embodies and what it recommends. It should also be worded in proportion to the length of the paper. A lengthy paper requires a longer title to adequately state its contents. A shorter title would suggest that few materials are needed to discuss it.

Though the nature of a thesis statement depends on the viewpoint of its author, it should be presented as an argument rather than a supposition. How it varies from other opinions is its propensity to be established as a truth or capacity to support a line of reasoning. The goal of a thesis is to theorize on measurable occurrences and human experiences in order to create a link or discover a relationship between the variables of the study. The thesis statement is the compass that navigates the study’s search for truth. When there is error in the formation of a thesis statement, it may cause the invalidation of the collated articles of evidence. The most important thing to consider among all else is the author’s inclination towards the topic. A thesis entails research. Its task is to uncover a greater understanding of the matter at hand. The author should find the topic interesting and be self-motivated in seeing the research to the finish.

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